Do your devices decrease being overweight


Posted by Bob on November 26, 1999 at 04:17:30:

Do your devices decrease being overweight and if so if I were to where both the foot braces and the rings would that help me become thin quicker?

The diabetic who got out of wheel chair told me on the phone that the devices helped him reduce weight by 20 pounds I remember, within a week.

But I also did receive a phone call from a over weight lady (200) some pound, saying that the rings didn't do anything for her. She didn't feel anything after 3 months trying my device, which really surprised me a lot! (First time someone told me that my stuff had no effect at all after 3 months of usage.) She said maybe too much cholesterol in the body slows down the process. I had to agree with her I guess.

But the diabetic guy, and few others, told me they lost weight. I think using the foot braces will certainly speed up the process. Foot Braces are a plus!

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