Will your device take me back to my 21 year-old ugly face? Or will it turn me into a beautiful faced 21 year-old? (I used to be ugly when I was young)


Posted by Lalalalaaaaaaaaa on November 29, 1999 at 21:43:29:

I am very old.......according to my life long friends I have been ugly all my life...if i decide to use this device will it take me back to my ugly 21 year old face or will it take me back to a new beautiful 21 year old face?

answer: The device will turn an old person back to youth, and the device will also give you a new face, a beautiful one. a guy called me once and asked if the device turns everyone beautiful, then in the future shouldn't everyone look the same. My answer to him is "Yes". People will look more alike in the future.

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