what happens if you use the rings but decide not to carry on using them after a while


Posted by John Cooper on December 01, 1999 at 23:10:20:

have you seen the film with goldie hawn and bruce willis, which involves an immortality potion? if you have then it will help explain my question. In the story they take the potion and over time become young and beautiful again, however when they run out of the potion they deteriorate, if anything, to a far uglier state. (just like a body builder with rippling muscles, stops and overtime obtains saggy limbs and muscles.)
Basically what im saying is, if you decided you didnt need to use the rings anymore, lost them, or just didnt want to use them anymore, would this have any affect on your body condition etc thereon. if you are confident it wouldnt, how could you prove this.

You cannot stop using the rings else you age. The rings are not magical. A person's physical structure doesn't change after using the rings for a period of time. You still age without the rings. Just like you still catch cold without your cloths.

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