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Posted by Kevin Fisher on December 02, 1999 at 04:56:46:

Hi there. I was reading on (one of my favorite sites) about peak performance mentally, and saw this comment... "The danger in using smart drugs comes from the fact that little is known about the effects of long-term use, or the use of dosages higher than those normally prescribed, and probably the greatest danger lies in using smart drugs in combination with other drugs or alcohol. " The reasoning given for this is because such "smart" drugs increase blood flow (and oxygen accordingly) to the brain. If you have Alcohol in your system, you get more Alcohol to your brain As well! SOUNDS like fun, until you get over the initial little chuckle and realize the potential problems with that. I just wanted to know, would you suggest NOT using "drugs" and such that go into your blood stream (cigarettes too?) while using (or rather, while under treatment from) your devices? I know such things are items we generally should suggest not using Anyway, but---- Anyway, I just thought I would bring that up because it hasn't been thus far.


WHen it comes to drug overdose, they are talking about "Drugs".

Magnets are not drugs. You don't intake artifitial materials into your body which will contaminate your body if overdosed. So don't worry about my device.

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