I am 30, will the finger rings be enough for me to reverse aging?


Posted by Peko on December 03, 1999 at 03:01:06:

I'm 30 and would like to know if I start usings your device on my fingers each night at my age, would using it at my age eliminate the need for me to use the device for my feet sometime in the future to stay at my age or even reverse it? You've stated that you will release a more improved Immortality Device soon so does that apply to the finger rings and if so what will be the difference/results and when will you release the newer Immortality Device? There are also other products of HGH spray/capsule on other URL'S on age reversel, so what your opinion on their effectiveness compared to your Immortality Devices?

Since you are only 30, I think using the regular finger rings is quite enough for you. I received reports from users around 30 saying that the rings alone have made them look younger. The foot braces are for anxious folks who want to become younger in the shortest time possible. Right now, I came out with neodymium rings. That's a plus!

About other anti-aging products: I don't dare to comment on any of these because I am not the inventor of their products. I must respect their finding. Of course, I believe my eternal life device is the best in the world. They might not agree, but my users will.

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