when our finite enzyme supply runs out our systems slow until we die? True or false?


Posted by Travis Irvine on December 03, 1999 at 05:27:03:

Hi Alex. What I think the gentleman Kevin Fischer was saying you seemed to misunderstand. He said since your devices increase blood circulation wouldn't it be wiser to watch what we put in our circulation. Would it make sense that if we take in toxins and then increase circulation to the entire body that more toxins could be distributed to more cells thereby causing more damage to more cells? Or do these magnets increase circulation only to where it is needed most at the time? Well, I will find out soon enough.

>>Oh yeh Oh yeh. I misunderstood him. About the toxins. Don't worry. Strengthening the blood circulation won't cause toxin to delude your body. Maybe because Im Chinese. I can't control my diet. I will eat anything that's good. Since Chinese people eat snakes and dogs, we don't care about toxins. Never even thought about it.

Now on aging and death I have learned that when our finite enzyme supply runs out our systems slow until we die. Our systems slow down to forestall deaths inevitability. This is a little disheartening but it is said to be a biological truth. I feel as if I have worn out much of my prescious enzyme supply at my age of 22. I feel old and have signs of aging under my eyes. I have been praying for a miracle and you appeared. It is said that at birth we have a certain enzyme potential.

>> Don't worry about that stuff. That stuff is only theory. My stuff is real. After you've tried my device, you won't agree with that theory anymore.

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