Enhanced Circulation, not magnets in your bloodstream


Posted by Kevin Fisher on December 03, 1999 at 22:18:55:

Since I can't post a reply, I figured I'd start another pocket strain to ask what I was Really trying to ask, since the question wasn't understood.

I don't mean to imply that the magnet is going to go into your bloodstream, I mean when you take in things that affect you BY entering your bloodstream, and going to your brain, and then you enhance your bloodstream.... It's a very simple concept. Lets say you normally allow 2 units of something through, then you open the gate a bit with your device to a 3 or 4. Now the "usual" amount of a drug or alcohol serving affects you all the more. I doubt the doctors at brain.com were guessing on this one, I'm just wondering if you might for safety's sake not want to just post a couple few words on Safety so that (whether it ends up being considered anyones "fault" or not---because that doesn't matter) avoiding potential damage can be nice... *s* right?

answer: Because Im Chinese, and Chinese eat anything. We never thought about that stuff before. I heard of people who use zappers and electrical devices say they stay away from vitamin pills during their session. They don't want to overdose because the equipment they use will strengthen their absorption of drugs. I don't find these steps necessary on my device though. I felt fine and ate anything I wanted even everyday Im using the neodymium foot braces.

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