What if one of the rings gets turned "upside down"?


Posted by Vesa Raiskila on December 06, 1999 at 20:57:16:

Hi, Alex,

in reply to Kevin Fisher's question about the proper use of the finger rings, you wrote:

"If you wear the rings with wrong up & down, it's no problem. Just make sure you don't wear north on top of both fingers, and south at bottom of both fingers. As long as they are opposite of each other, everything's OK."

Alas, isn't it possible that, when one is asleep, one of the rings gets turned "upside down", resulting in the situation you describe as potentially unhealthy?

Because a Finn doesn't "believe before he can see for himself", I'm currently experimenting with self-made rings constructed according to your instructions to see what health-promoting effects, if any, they have. I have noticed that the rings actually do not revolve easily around the finger and thus tend to remain in the correct alignment. Part of the reason for this is probably the support of the adjoining finger(s).

Have you taken this into consideration when constructing your rings?

Answer. My plastic ring has a one inch long ridge at one side of the ring where you should wear between your small finger and the phalanges (the other finger which adjoins the small finger). This long ridge avoids the ring from turning.

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