Inter-ring polarity versus intra-ring polarity


Posted by Vesa Raiskila on December 07, 1999 at 19:45:34:

Re the polarity issue: I originally thought that getting the polarity right between the two magnets in each pair was the only thing that mattered. I didn't think that, after the rings had been correctly constructed, it mattered which side up one kept the rings around the fingers.

If you think this is important, I think you should emphasize it on the page where the instructions are. (You do emphasize it, but please read on.) Although the "inter-ring" alignment is shown correctly in the diagram, some people might think that the inter-ring aligment shown is coincidental and that the only important thing is to get the *intra-ring* polarities right. That was also the way in which I interpreted your polarity warning: I though that it concerned (only) the way in which each pair was to be assembled.

Do you have a theory of why North needs to be on the top of the right finger and South on the top of the left finger? In other words, why is it not enough that the two magnets in each pair are arranged so that they attract each other through the finger -- why do the two pairs, too, on the different extremes of the body have to aligned in a particular way in relation to each other?

Thanks again!

answer: actually, if you wear left finger south and right finger north, that's fine too. Cells are diodes. Electrons only go one way. If you have both poles turned north, that will stop the traffic and will damage your health. I wrote north on right and south left so I won't confuse people. You can do it another way around too. Just make sure no north on top of both fingers, or south on top of both finger.

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