Magnet rundown? Two rings to a finger? Super humans? We love you.


Posted by Travis Irvine on December 08, 1999 at 08:34:26:

>You do such a great job answering questions. Here are some more. First a >laymans question. Where specifically do magnets come from and/or how are >they made?

answer: The word magnet is a roman word named after a place call magnesia where they first discovered magnets in europe. But Chinese have invented compass more than 4000 years ago. It's said that egyptians also had magnets thousands of years ago. So nobody knows where it really originated.

>Do they wear out?

answer: Yes they do, but not after a long time.

>Next question. Today I was playing with two sets of rings and found >that two rings can go on each pinky finger. Of course the opposite poles >are set up properly in vice versa. Seems to me this would be more >powerful and great to wear like this to sleep. Could it actually be more >effective?

answer: Maybe. I won't do that though. It's a hassle.

>Finally I would like to know if you use any of the products in the >catalog for super humans that I got with my order. Thanks again.

answer: No I don't. I am just a distributor for International Guills of Advanced Sciences.

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