I am not convinced. Someone convince me.


Posted by grunge on December 15, 1999 at 09:32:53:

Okay, this is something i want to believe, but just too
out of the ordinary.

Three questions:
1) If the invention really works, why hasn't some huge
medical company brought the design or started
manufacturing their own?

answer: I have a strong patent on it. Nobody touches it unless I say OK. Recently I have just signed contract with an investment firm, and alexchiu.com will go corporate immediately. The rings will be sold on TV nationwide. You will see it coming.

2) From the diagrams in the page explaining how the rings
produce "eternal" life, i come up with the observation
that it says "Meat"... surely that can't be right...

answer: Meat? I don't understand this question.

3) Okay, so maybe it does increase your age, but by
much? and do you stay young-looking?

answer: The more you use, the more aging it should reverse for you. Once you become physically 19 or 20, you become neutral and won't age anymore.

4) I definately don't believe in the eternal part.

answer: Why not? You don't have to limit your beliefs. Sky is the limit. Humans can accomplish anything because they are so creative. Do you realize that your brain is playing a trick on you telling what sort of things can be possible and what cannot be possible? That's all in your mind. The reality is far more flexible than that. Nobody can tell what is possible and what is not possible before a test is conducted and results being shown. So my friend, do not put a limit on your belief system. It's not doing good for you. I recommend you to at least build the device and try it yourself. You didn't even try the device, how good a judge can you be?

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