heart condition and ear infection


Posted by Jonathan on December 25, 1999 at 21:19:48:

Right now I believe I have an ear infection, I have felt fluid in my left ear for many days now and it is causing me agony, I have ordered the Neodymium rings and foot braces. Will that make the infection go away?

answer: I don't know. But if I were you, I will go see a doctor.

Also a VERY VERY important question, I have an artificial mitral valve in my heart, Ive gone through the entire site reading about how it can reverse aging, remove scars, make youu healthy etc... Will these eternal life devices cause me to grow back a healthy non-artificial valve?

answer: again. The devices cannot help regenerate body parts. It can only reheal damages.

This aspect worries me alot as you could probably guess the major surgery and other complications if that did happen. I also had a surgery a few years ago to have some abnormal skin growth cut out that was blocking an artery, that coming back worries me as well.

answer: Using the device will probably prevent the coming back of old diseases.

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