lower back pain


Posted by William E on December 26, 1999 at 19:34:42:

I have read several of the testimonies posted on your website regarding all kinds of illness. I have not, however, heard of any regarding lower back pain as a result of a slipped, herniated disk of the lower back. If suffering from this pain. Would your invention help?

answer: Good question. I had a similar case with a Japanese guy who used my foot braces. He is a Sushi chef who must stand for 10 hours a day. His knee joint has worn out due to slipped disk joint. He had operation and had two muscles removed. He reported that the device helped his joint to grow back it's flexibility. But too bad he had two muscles removed. My device will never help him regrow the muscles back. Now he uses the foot each night so that the next day he won't experience too much pain in the knee.

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