Eternal Life??


Posted by nada on December 27, 1999 at 23:28:50:

do you mean, siir, that we'll live forever? like reach 200 years of age and never die, as long as we use the rings or braces?

answer: Yes.

bottem line : are you claiming we'll live FOREVER? no matter what? or just it just prolong life for a few years?

answer: Live forever and ever. As long as you don't get killed in a traffic accident or plane crash.

another question, what if, for example, I was 45 years old and i started using the braces, aand i use them for 25 years...then i decide i dont want to use them i age back to my original age of 70, like over night...

answer: If you are 45, by using the device for 25 years, you should look around 20 year-old. Then if you quit at that stage, you will age like a normal person would. 10 years later, you look 30. Another 10 years, you look 40. Etc.

Also, i read before, in your response to someone elses message, that in the future, with the use of this device, we'd all look the same...more on that please...

answer: If everyone uses the devices, nobody ages. Everyone should end up looking like 19 or 20. Everyone will look healthy and beautiful. So in future, people will look similar. No 30's or 40's, only healthy, beautiful 20's walking on the streets.

Lastly...has any media source (print source...newpaper, magazine) ever written a report or article on you? if there has been one, and you have it on the net, could you ever so kindly, please email it to me? id like to see what they had to say.

answer: No. Not yet. I don't expect medical journal to write about me because I am traditional medicine's biggest enemy.

thank you so much. merry christmas

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