How other magnetic products effect use of rings?


Posted by Luke Lukas on December 27, 1999 at 23:32:44:

I am an independent distributor for Nikken magnetic health and wellness products, so I am a firm believer in the power of magnets to effect our health. Although I am a bit skeptical about their ability to foster immortality, I like to leave my mind open to the possibility. I sleep on a magnetic mattress pad and use other magnetic health products, and I was wondering if using your product while also using other magnets will effect their performance. In other words, is it alright to use both at the same time?

You should ask "Will using the Japanese magnets affect my magnet's performances".

I think so. There might be interfearences. What you can do is try my device without other magnetic products for a few days and compare the power for yourself. My devices will not lose to Japanese crap. No Japanese products can pull a wheelchair dependent out of wheelchair within 7 days. But I can.

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