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Posted by noone on December 27, 1999 at 23:39:19:

With the rings, do you need to lie down straight with your hands beside your body? For example what woudl happen if i were to cross my arms so one hand was on the other side of my body and vice versa...or what would happen if I slept in the fetal position (I am a very restless sleeper)? Basically I am asking whether the rings work as a mini pump or whether the placement on the fingers is meant to creat a magnetic field around your whole body, in which case the placement of your hands would matter...

answer: Good question. It feels funny when wearing the rings or foot braces to sleep. If you lie down straight with your hands touching the bed, you will feel strong energy surge flowing around in your body. That's the surge generated by the eternal life device. But if you turn to the side, that energy goes away. If you cross your hands, that energy also reduce in power. So usually each night, I lie down straight for a good 2 hours so that I get maximum healing power. Than if I am tired of lying down straight, I turn to the side to sleep. Power goes away, but I am used to sleep sideways, so I must turn to the side. I still keep the device on during the entire sleep. I believe although I turn to the side, there is still a little bit of power that flows in my body. I am just not sensitive enough to feel it. That's what's keeping me young.

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