Human Growth Hormone affected by Neoydmium rings?


Posted by Peko on January 01, 19100 at 21:02:17:

I read the question&answer to the D.N.A question as one of the causes of ageing and so I've read also that H.G.H production decreases slowly in our bodies from 25yrs onwards meaning less is given through the I.G.F-1 to other organs with the human body to cause ageing.
Therefore hence the market of HGH products available on different websites to reverse ageing. My question is similiar to the D.N.A issue is that do you know what effect your Neoydmuim rings has on the production of HGH in the body or if you do not know this then, is simply your answer given to the DNA question enough to reverse ageing irrespective of the slow decline of HGH
in our bodies?

answer: HGH is a hormone produced by the body for maintaining the flexibility of your cells. When a person becomes old like 35 or 40, his body does not product enough HGH efficiently like before. Using the rings will first help the person fix his body parts. Then blood circulation and magnetic flux increases. Then body parts start to function properly. Then HGH and other hormones start to come out regularly.

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