Can you bring back the dead?


Posted by Posted by Jimmy Wilson on February 29, 19100 at 03:00:13: on March 25, 19100 at 17:27:17:

Please help me Alex. I read about your rings and that they affect chi. My parents died on Feb. 17. They always told me how important chi is, and I think their chi was very good and healthy. My question is can the rings put chi back in the body? They haven't been dead long. I know that sometimes peoples spirits don't leave thier body right after they die. So could these rings help pull their chi back. Maybe it would be like the hospital tv shows where people die but they use shockers on their chest so they come back. Please help me if you can. I miss my parents. They were killed in a car wreck but it wasn't thier fault so maybe that didn't hurt their chi.
Answer: Our rings and footbraces were never tested for this type of circumstances, so we canít say one way or another. We are very sorry about your parents though.

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