Can I remove one magnet from my rings?


Posted by John Wong on March 25, 19100 at 17:38:19:

Posted by John Wong on March 07, 19100 at 13:44:08:
Dear Alex,
I accidentally hurt one of my pinkies and
wondered if I could remove the magnet facing the palm
on your finger rings and still receive any benefits
from wearing the rings with only one magnet on top of
the rings. I assume the benefits would be less if
any because now each finger ring has only one magnet
and not two.
Answer: You must have both magnets on the ring for it to work! If you lost the magnets, send us the missing ring, we will replace them. If you still have the magnet with you, put them back into the plastic housing with a strong glue (such as Krazy glue.) Be sure to check that like signs repel and opposite signs attract. This guarantees that the rings have correct polarity. If both rings are broken, you should definitely send them back, for you have no reliable way of checking the polarity. Also, you MUST wear both rings at the same time for them to work! Please follow the instructions.

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