Kidney transplant


Posted by Roger Ciasson on March 25, 19100 at 17:45:24:

Posted by Roger Ciasson on March 11, 19100 at 17:01:25:
My wife had a kidney transplant. They left the half one she was born with still in her. Would
rings affect old kidney or hurt transplant? Roger

Answer: We donít know and we can't know until she tries the products. Based on our experiences with different post-surgery patients using our products, the results were mixed. You can try the products on her but if products cause any discomfort, you should discontinue the usage immediately and send them back for full refund. We just don't know how your wife's body will react to the magnetic flux! Another reason why we are very hesitant about any body altering surgical procedure. But sometimes you have no choice but to have the operation done and we understand.

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