Will I be more attractive?


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Posted by John Sconz on March 14, 19100 at 17:50:06:
Ni Hau Dr. Chiu,
I want to try your invention, so I soon will place your banner on my page maybe. But I worry that if I start to use them, and you say we will all look the same, I don't want to look like you...not that you aren't ugly. I want to look like Chuck Norris. Is that possible? Can I also get his fighting skills?
You see I am unattractive and my wife was stolen from me by a taller, younger man. I want her back and she likes Chuck Norris. So I need to fight Steven (the other guy) and "rescue" her.
Can your rings help? Can I punch Steve with your rings on, like brass knuckles? I have never fought back but I think it is time. I practice when I see Chuck Norris on TV. I even bought that exercise machine he sells, AbFlex or something. (it is in the mail.)
Xi xi Dr. Chiu.
John Sconz
San Francisco
Answer: First, Alex Chiu isnít a Dr. so please donít call him that. Second, true attractiveness must come from within you! When you become younger and more energetic, you will look YOUR best and that should be good enough to win your wife over if you still choose to do so, but YOU must feel attractive about YOURSELF. No amount of physical appearance will make up for the lack of inner beauty.

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