Headache after 1st Night!


Posted by Matthew McGee on March 25, 19100 at 17:59:56:

Posted by Matthew McGee on March 22, 19100 at 18:07:00:
I have just received your foot braces and the Neodymium rings. I wore them for the first night and woke up with a headache that has lasted all day long. Is this normal or should I stop using the devices. I really need an answer. I really want to live forever. Thanks.

Answer: The fact that you have ANY change in your physiology after using our devices is a GOOD sign. Yes, there have been cases of light headache or dizziness while wearing the products for the first time. I would recommend you to check your polarity and make SURE they didn’t turn while you sleep! Some people experience about 2 weeks of “getting-used to” period.

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