Rings keep me awake at night!


Posted by Tao on March 25, 19100 at 18:01:14:

Posted by Tao on March 23, 19100 at 18:08:43:
Hi Alex,
I recently purchased your foot brace and rings.
Quite strangely, I have no problem falling
asleep with the foot braces on, and they don't
fall off during my sleep (since I'm used
to sleeping on my back). But the rings really
kept me awake. For the two nights I slept
with the rings on, I didn't get too much
sleep, and was tired the next couple of days.
Then I tried sleeping with only foot braces
on, and it felt great.
So my question is, would it be enough to
just have the foot braces on? I'm 27,
in good health. The main reason I decide
to try your device is that my hair starts
to slowly thin, and I'd like that to stop,
and would like grow back some lost hair.
Since the feet is farther away from the scalp
than the small fingers. Do you think that
rings will work better for that purpose or
will the foot braces alone be enough?
Thanks beforehand for your answer.

Answer: Try wearing the rings and footbraces while you are awake as well. You can easily wear the rings while you watch TV or read books and so on. Please watch out for TV, computer and any other electronic or magnetic appliances though. You shouldn’t wear them while operating machineries and automobiles either. Use your common sense. The key point is to wear them as long as you can stand each and every day (or night). Footbraces are more powerful than Neodymium rings because of their size.

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