Polarity and Hearing 'sounds'?


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Hi Alex,
I got the rings and footrace about one week
ago. During this past week, I've noticed
a lot of things. At first, I found it hard
to fall asleep, but after two nights,
I started to sleep very well. I would wake
up once at night but would quickly go back
to sleep. When I get up in the morning, I
feel great. I've also noticed that my hair
is growing very fast and is becoming stronger
than before. ( I had rather tender hair )
I have no doubt that your device is working
after just a week of use. However I have
two questions which I hope you can answer me.
1) About the polarities. You mentioned that
one doesn't have to have north pole up
on the right hand and south pole up on the
left finger. As long as the polarity settings
are opposite on the two hands, everything
is fine. (since the body is like a battery
with a positive and negative pole)
The same applies to the footbrace. However,
when one wears both rings and footbrace.
Should one be more careful about polarities?
I'm saying that if, say you have north pole
up on your right hand and LEFT foot, and
south pole up in your left hand and RIGHT foot.
would that be ok? or should the paloarity
setting on the feet mirror that on the hands?
Answer: The polarity is very critical when you have BOTH footbraces AND rings on at the same time. They must MATCH! So, if the right hand is North UP (+) then the right foot must also have North UP (the light side!) and so on. Please be careful NOT to mix these polarities. Itís very important.
2) When I wear the rings and footbrace before
going to sleep. I think I can hear some sound
like the sound made by bugs in the grass in
hot summer nights. Some kind of humming sound.
It's very light so I have no problem
going to sleep. But I'm just wondering if
that's normal. Do I actually hear the magnetic
flux cycle around my body??? After I get up and
take off the device, I no longer hear the sound.
Do you know what this sound might be?
This has happened for the past 3 nights.
Thank you very much.

Answer: Your ear might hear some strange sounds when you are wearing the device. This is normal condition although you donít have to hear anything for the products to work. Iím not so sure if the sound you hear is the magnetic flux though.

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