Unable to sleep and could rings cause me to be ill?


Posted by John Do on March 30, 19100 at 11:11:05:

From: "john do"
Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 04:25:29 PST

hello Alex, I have some questions for you, and first, I apologize for my bad english

I reicieve your rings there is two month ago.

but it seems I have some problems with them :
first, I have a lot of difficulty to fall asleep, wearing them, but this is
not a real problem: if i become younger every night, it worth to have

second, by wearing them, I weak up the morning MORE TIRED than not wearing
them, i wonder if this is normal.

third problem: a week, I decide to wear them all the week , and to see if I
feel a difference: after two days , I fall ill: digestive problem by a virus.
then , I stopped wearing them. I heal. then , I decide to wear them again, and two days later, I fall ill again, having an herpes virus .

So my question is WHAT'S WRONG? where is the problem?
is it possible rings are not correctly oriented?
why am I ill every time I wear them?

the last question is : I am only 23 years old, and I have only discrets wrinkles and rings under the eyes. If your immortal devices works really, how many time will it take to make it disappear and have my face of 20 years old again?

thank you so much for your answer.


Answer: First of all, rest assured that having ANY effect from the products are better than having NO effect at all. However, itís hard for me to understand the connection between the virus infection and the rings! We have testimonials of people, who feel more tired AFTER wearing the rings for the first time, but no testimonials or cases about viral infection! Could it be possible that it was just a case of coincident?

Anyway, here are some suggestions.

First, I suggest you check the polarity. Our product brochure suggests you to wear (+) side up on your right hand and (+) side down on your left hand. The fact is you can reverse this polarity, as long as they are opposite to each other! So, if (+) being on your right hand gives you adverse effect, you can reverse the polarity. In regards to polarity, please remember that itís possible that the polarity of the rings can be changed while you sleep due to the movement of your body causing the rings to turn! The best way to prevent this from happening is to customize your rings using tapes and sponge to make the rings secured. As long as you donít block the magnets, you can tape up the rings as much as you need.

Second, we have enough cases of testimonials that say they couldnít get to sleep with rings on. To these people, we recommend wearing the rings while staying awake. As long as you are careful not to operate any machinery or work near computers and any magnetic equipment, you can wear the rings during the day. Why donít you try this method as well?

Third, you should try to get enough sleep at night, either with or without the rings! Some people fall in a trap thinking that since they have our rings on they donít need as much sleep as without them! This is absolutely inaccurate! Your bodyís natural rhythm MUST be upheld WITH the rings! Some people take a couple of weeks to get used to sleeping with the rings, while others never do!

Last, try to use the rings with your natural biorhythm and let us know what happens in a few weeks, OK?

Important things to remember are:

1. You want to wear them at least 8 hours each day Ė preferably while you are resting and/or sleeping
2. You want to have enough restful night sleep either with or without the rings.

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