Difference between Neodymium rings and regular rings?


Posted by Jerry on March 30, 19100 at 11:14:06:

Posted by Jerry on March 29, 19100 at 21:25:15:

How could I tell the diffrence between the Regular rings and the Neodymium rings? Do they have diffrent color plastic housing?

Also, are the Regular rings strong enough to lift a spoon, knife and fork at the same time. I ask because I do this with my Neodymium rings.

Answer: I guess that depends on the weight of the spoon, knife, etc. . . But most likely, I don't think so. Neodymium rings are MUCH more stronger than regular rings! And yes, we do have different plastic housing colors for these rings as well. Our regular rings come in ivory color plastic housing and Neodymium come in black.

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