Turing hair color back?


Posted by Chris White on March 30, 19100 at 11:18:42:

Posted by Chris White on March 29, 19100 at 21:54:56:

Hi Alex,

Your device sounds great and I can't wiat to try them. Will your device turn your hair back to the natural color if it's just starting to go grey?


Answer: We have had enough cases of rings and footbraces getting rid of gray, you can be reasonably assured our products will do that. The reason why we can't guarantee that the products will get rid of the gray is twofold.

First, we can't guarantee ANY medical results by law, so that goes out the window right away.

Second, more importantly we belive, the cause of the gray hair may or may not be aging related! If the cause was definitely aging related, of course the products will take care of that. But what if the cause of graying is due to other factors such as nutritional or disease?

We suggest people to try the products to see if they work for them.

We have had enough testimonials to back up that the products indeed get rid of gray in MANY people and very quickly too.

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