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Hi Alex,

Thanks for answering mt previous questions. I'm a little
uncertain about whether it's ok to wear the rings
while working on a computer. I remember one
of the earlier postings by Kevin Fishe asked
the same question. and your answer is "
You can wear the rings in front of computers
and electronic stuff. No Problem"

But in a recent reply, you mentioned "please
watch out for TV, computer and any other
electronic appliances though"

So is it ok to wear the rings while working
on a computer? I usually work on a sun
workstation. What kind of negative effect
might it have?

Also, about the footbraces, I guess maybe
you can wrap some softer material around the
vertical bar that one is supposed to stick
between the big toe and the neighboring toe,
so as to ease off the pressure caused by the
thin bar. That might make the braces
more comfortable to wear. I myself
have no problem wearing them.


Answer: Yes, you may customize the rings and footbraces to make them more comfortable. As far as the computer is concerened, it has a lot to do with the distance of the computer from the rings and footbraces. (Previous answer was for regular rings with regular desktop computer!)

If you can keep the CPU, HDD, and Monitor at least 12 inches away from the magnets you should be ok. However this is just a suggestion, not a guarantee.

I don't want people to wreck up their computers! Remember, HDD is a magnetic device and any strong magnetic field will cause an adverse effect! A laptop is especially vulnerable to the magnetic effect due to its small dimension!

My suggestion is to keep the rings and footbraces far enough from computer, especially Neodymium rings!

I hope this helps. Besides, you should have plenty of time to wear the rings while you are not working on the computer too, right?

Here's another idea! You may wear footbraces while you working on computer provided your feet are at least a couple of feet away from the computer!

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