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Posted by Keith McNulty on March 31, 19100 at 10:41:14:

Posted by Keith McNulty on March 30, 19100 at 21:30:08:

Dear alex thank you for replying to my query
regarding the heart pacemaker my doctor told me
the only kind of magnets that would affect me
would be industrial magnets so I have sent $40.00
cash to purchase 2 pairs of your immortakity rings
this the only way to send payment from UK please
could you tell me how long it will be before I recive
them. Today is Thursday the 29 March I posted it
this morning howe long will it take to reach you
and to send them.

Answer: If you sent your payment via air-mail, we should receive it in about 10 days. It will take another 10 to 14 days to ship the rings back to you. So it will take about 20 to 24 days. Next time you can save some time by ordering using Credit Card. Shipping time still would take 10 to 14 days to U.K.

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