Getting used to the rings & footbraces, Ringing sounds? More testimonials! What I use?


Posted by Breeze on April 03, 19100 at 15:30:19:

Posted by breeze on April 01, 19100 at 17:59:04:

Hi Alex,

I've been using your eternal rings and footbraces
for about two weeks now. I've experienced some
benifits like I mentioned in a previous message of mine.
Now, I'm getting used to the device and don't
quite feel much when I wear them to sleep.
Before, I would have tingley feelings, like
I could sense that a lot is going on in my body.
But now, I don't feel much different from
without wearing them. I'm just wondering if
that's normal. Is it because that
now my blood vessels have been opened up
so blood is running smoother than before?
I still hear the strange sound
when I wear the device though.

Also, some of my light skin problems have
already disappeared but a scar on my shoulder
is still there. Is it the case that the older
the scar, is, the longer it takes to reheal?
(That would make sense though).

A lot of your testmonials are very impressive,
like the old chinese doctor growing back black
hair and a 87-year-old gentlemen finding back youth.
I wonder how they are doing now, after
even further use of your device.

One last question. What device do you wear?
footbraces plus neodymium rings?



Answer: Yes, it's normal for your body to get adjusted to the devices. As matter of fact most people follow exactly the same pattern. About 2 weeks to 4 weeks seem to be the normal length of time body needs to adjust. As far as the REASON for this getting used to, hard to tell. Because every BODY is different. Your idea of blood vessel running smoother sounds good to me.

The age of scar is a factor but for a logical reason. The longer the scar has been in place, probabliy more severe its intensity, right? So the severety of the wound is a bigger factor than its age. Keep wearing the products and pay attention to the scar, let us know what happens to it in several months.

As far as testimonials are concerened, I hope we can put more pictures on. But we don't ASK for any testimonials! (Maybe we should?) If anyone wants to send us pictures, we will gladly put them up on the site. We believe in unsolicited AND unpaid testimonials.

However, we DO plan to follow up with some of these good folks who freely gave us their testimonials to come up with updated news on their 'journey' to Immortality.

Yes, I do use what you use for myself. Footbraces AND Neodymium rings. I too intend to live very healthy AND long life.

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