Can I become a super athlete by wearing your products?


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Posted by Leland Gregory on April 02, 19100 at 19:32:18:

Can the Immortality Rings and Foot braces give you athletic coordination?

What happends if you where the Immortality Footbraces, and rings at the same time while your asleep?

Answer: That depends by what do you mean by athletic coordination! If you mean having a healthy body that functions properly, YES! If you mean having super athletic performance like Michael Jordan or Vince Carter, probabliy NOT!

You see, our products will work WITH your genetic code, so you will become as athletically equipped as much as you were meant to be!

Of course if you had impaired performance when you were younger due to injury or disease, the products should diminish these artificial barriers a bit as well.

Again, it depends on who you are.

You SUPPOSED to wear both rings AND footbraces together! Of course if your situation does not permit the usage of both rings and footbraces, do what you must and get the rings because they are more affordable.

However, for most people, getting BOTH the rings AND footbraces are much better idea. This is because they both work on same principle and they synegetically work better for maximum flow of Chi in your body.

I use both rings AND footbraces myself.

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