Low thyroid problem, will your rings interefre or improve it?


Posted by Cinda Crane on April 03, 19100 at 16:22:24:

Posted by Cinda Crane on April 03, 19100 at 13:21:15:

I'm taking .05m of synthroid (for a low thyroid). Is it o.k. to wear the magnets with a thyroid condition? Will the magnets improve my thyroid to normal?
Cinda Crane

Answer: I can't tell! I know that our products are safe to use for everybody, so I can reasonably say that you can give them a try. But as far as improving the thyroid problem, you will have to test them.

Yes, we've had numerous cases of testimonials stating that their nerveous systems improved after using our products. And there are enough testimonials and cases to warrant relationship between magnets and hormones, but since each individual is DIFFRENT, I can't say whether it will help you or not.

One thing is for sure though. If your thyroid problem is related to aging and poor circulation problem, then the products will most definitely help. But your thyroid problem can be caused by so many different variables, it's just impossible to tell.

I hope this helps.

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