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Posted by Jane on April 05, 19100 at 17:22:21:

Posted by Jane on April 05, 19100 at 13:26:01:

I am 33, have been wearing your Neodymium rings for two months now and I don't see or feel (physically) any improvements. Does that mean I need a longer time to see improvements. Not that I do not believe in your products. I just canít wait to see results. Does that mean if I need longer time to see results, say 4-5 months and I still do not see results, am I entitle for a refund? Please please tell me it will really work on everyone and all I need is patient.:)
Thank You.

Impatient me,

Answer: Since every BODY is different and therefore unique, we can't tell you why or why not you don't see or feel anything different. People notice difference they can feel and see at different pace. Some notice IMMEDIATE boost in energy and mental clarity followed by visible signs of reverse aging while others simply don't notice anything for weeks and sometimes even months!

All I can say is this. If you want to give the rings a real test for their effectiveness in the shortest amount of time possible, you should commit yourself to wear the rings as much of 24 hours/day as you can!

Simply put them on and leave them on as long as you can stand - of course be careful about operating machines and/or driving cars, etc - for about a week straight and then - here's the important part - STOP using them for about 3 days straight. Yes, don't put them on while you are asleep for 3 straight days.

You should definitely feel and/or see the difference in this 10 day period.

90 days is more than enough time to see and feel whether the rings are working for you or not.

Everyone who gives honest and sincere effort to use the rings as described gets result! I don't see why it would be any different for you!

I'm wondering if you haven't used them correctly and/or used them for only few hours a day. Is that possible also?

For example, it's very possible that rings might rotate while you are asleep without you being aware of the fact - this is one of major reason why I recommend you to wear the rings 24 hour/day for 7 days even when you are awake!

I wish you the best and please get back in touch with us, OK?

Please get back to this board with your findings in next 10 days, OK?

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