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Posted by Hux on April 06, 19100 at 15:57:24:

Posted by hux on April 06, 19100 at 12:26:22:

I ordered your immortal ring device about a month ago, and boy! was I pleasantly surprised!!!

Ever since I put it on, I am feeling much more stronger and harder! My girlfriend says I am feeling much bigger and wow!
I can go for three or four hours now, but I don't like to go that long, cause it gives me friction burns and stuff.

Anyways, thanks dude! I really am immortal!

Answer: We get a lot of testimonials who tell us that their love life has improved almost immediately. This makes sense because male organ needs good circulation to function properly.

Yes, we also get bunch of testimonials concerning longer 'staying' power too. You should check out some of testimonials on the site concerning this.

Funny thing is, the rings actually help female as well. Give one set to your girl friend and you will have less problem with 'burns' and 'frictions'!

We didn't want to sound like another Viagra commercial here, but hey it's true. We must tell it like it is.

You will see many other interesting differences too. And you are welcome.

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