Chi flow & Ring's Service Life - How long do they last?


Posted by Keith McNulty on April 10, 19100 at 20:21:04:

Posted by Keith McNulty on April 08, 19100 at 15:09:43:

Thank you once a gain for awnsering my query
& I promise this will be the last question.

For a number of years I have been involved in paranormal research
including remote viewing & ESp the only kind of device
I have ever herd of simmilar to yours are Tachyon products
I dont know if you have herd of them I am also
looking at espanding the human psyce & lifeforce
or Chi as you may call it can your products increse
the flow of chi or lifeforcr & enhance the mind
Scientiists know that 90 percent of the human mind is unused
I think its 90 anyway but there are varius parts of the
mind one called the god conciuosness

Can your devices help a person use parts of the mind
that are unused at presnt.

Once again thank you sorry to ask all this questions but if your device proves immortallity
you could be the savior of mankind.

Also if you must wear these products for eternity in order to be etenal you have around a long time to keep selling the devices
also I have orderd two pairs of rings you say the have power for 10 years is that both pairs I mean does the power only run down when a person is weraing them. Theres not enough room to get what im trying to say.

Rings last 10 years yes

Two pair One pair I wear for ten years the pther pair unused
after 10 year when I come to use the second pair will they have run out to

Is it ten years from when you weare them or ten years full stop.

Will you be around & still selling them in 1o years.

Thank you

Answer: The rings and foot braces will definitely give you more opend mind! So many people report that they dream better at night and they begin to feel more focused in their thoughts.

As far as the service life of these magnets are concerened, it should be lot longer than 10 years. The reason I mention 10 years is because that should be the minimum.

Think about an old pair of speakers that you might have in your living room or car. They contain magnets that convert electric current into the movements of speaker cones to vibrate air. Of course this is how the speakers create sound waves which we can hear. Do the speakers lose their power to convert electric current into sound waves after just 10 years of usage? Of course not! My guess is that the rings and footbraces should last much much longer than 10 years.

Of course people always want to get the strongest speaker (or rings and footbraces) they can get their hands on. In that case hopefully me and my company will be there to serve them in the future.

One more thing. When you are not using the rings and footbraces, it is good idea to stick them to iron (you can use refregerator or something like that) so they will contain their magnetic flux. I know that this practice will make the magnet last even longer.

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