Healing scars and vasectomy


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First, I would like to say that I plan on ordering one of these devices for the following reason: in the Old Testament, there were many people who lived long life spans, and scientists of today say that the magnetic field of the earth USED TO BE very great, but has diminished over the last 10,000 or so to the point that there may be a 'magnetic shift' in the near future. (Near future, of course, possibly 100s of years from now.) I have seen this correlation for a long time. Now I plan to buy a device and see what happens!

My question: with all the testimonies of healing of scars, I wonder if my husband's vasectomy might be in danger of reversal. This is a VERY important issue to me! I am not exactly a proponent of VHEMT, though they have some interesting logic on their web site, but I simply don't know of a good reason to have children, and therefore will not do so!

Do you think this would be a problem if I got a device for my husband?

Answer: Great observation regarding the Old Testament. I don't think you need to worry about your husband. I'm not allowed to give any medical advice here, but if I were you, I'll talk to my doctor about exactly WHAT procedure was used for vasectomy.

Healing of scars happens when there is physical connection. For example, when a piece of body is surgically missing, it may not regrow. Good example is teeth. We have yet to hear any testimonial stating their teeth regrew!

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