Hearing sounds while wearing rings and footbraces


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Hi Alex,

In one of my previous messages, I mentioned
about hearing sound when wearing the device.
The last two nights, I didn't wear the rings
or the footbraces because I was kind of sick.
But strangely, I still heard the humming sound
I usually only heard when wearing the device,
although the intensity was much weaker than when
wearing the device. Is this normal? What do you
think the sound is? Has any other customer
report this kind of sound?


Answer: Yes, we have testimonials who state that they hear ringing sounds when they started wearing the rings and/or footbraces. But I don't think anyone complained about hearing sounds that causes any degree of discomfort or pain.

I will check my hearing out with a specialist to make sure there is no abnormal infection or anything like that going on.

Usually, the sounds should begin to disappear within few days or weeks at the most. If the sound continues for longer than that, you should see a doctor. Rings and footbraces do not cause that kind of severe hearing problems.

Maybe you have some other medical condition that are unknown to you? It's also possible that rings and footbraces are trying to heal something in your ear too.

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