Living near Power Station - you NEED our rings and footbraces!


Posted by Mike Hunt on April 10, 19100 at 20:45:09:

Posted by Mike Hunt on April 10, 19100 at 05:48:20:

I live near a power station.

Will your rings be affected by the huge forces generated, or will I be able to wear them withough absorbing electricity from the station.

Mike Hunt

Answer: Mike you are living in danger field - litteraly!! Strong EMF is deadly to human cells. It's like our devices only working to destroy the cellular integrity not to restore it!

The problem with AC EMF is its rapid polarity shift. In 60 Hz EMF, the polarity of the magnetic flux shifts its direction 60 times a second! Imagine shaking a tree to get the fruits to the ground and you can see what happens to human body cells! They are litterally being pulled apart!

Our devices will actually reduce the harmful effects of this AC EMF by pulling the cells into one direction - the direction of the magnetic flux flow which is created by the polarity dispersion of the magnets both on the rings and the footbraces.

I strongly recommend you take some defensive measures. Check out your living spaces' EMF reading. If machines can measure it, you are in danger!

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