Hands falling asleep while wearing the rings


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My parents been using your ring and my mom has alergies on her hands. I was just wondering if its ok for her to wear them she is about 45 and well she always puts them on but when she wakes up she says that all 5 of her fingers are sleeping (you know as in when your leg sleeps and it tingles) yeah well is it ok for her to wear them , and can you please tell me if you do know how and why it is making her fingers fall asleep, also this same thing happens to my dad , but besides that i see that they arent as tired as usally and i aslo want to say thank you!

Answer: First of all, you are very welcome. I'm glad to play a small part in improving your parents' quality of life. Second, as far as the hands falling asleep. Let me ask you a question: How long have they been wearing the rings during sleep?

If less than few weeks, it just might be their body getting used to the rings. If more than that, try loosening up the rings by giving some open spaces between the rings and the finger. You can do this by adding some bandages on the sides while still leaving the magnets exposed to the skin.

Lastly, try wearing the rings when NOT in bed to see if the hands still fall asleep! It might be the sleeping style of your parents that might cause this too.

At any rate, hands constantly falling asleep is NOT good, because that could be result of poor blood circulation.

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