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I am trying to build the foot braces as per your instructions on your web page. whenever I put the two bar magnets together that both face north, they push away from each other!

The same happens with I try to put the magnets together that both face south, they push away from each other to!

So how do you makje those foot braces for each side of the feet without the two magnets pushing away from each other? I guess if I had a magnet that is 4 inches instead of 2 magnets that are 2 inches each in length I wouldn't have that problem., but I don't!

And do you think that wider magnets that can cover the whole big toes instead of leaving the upper part of the big toes uncovered by magnets be more powerful?

Lastly, you also mentioned that so many severe damages around your body have been realigned instantly with the use of the Immortality Device and AC magnetic oil. I was wondering if you could tell us more about those severe damages and just how quickly they were realigned.

I think it is great that you are willing to share your beliefs that are different than most people! The world's original and innovative thinkers are usually the ones who push humanity forward!

Much appreciations for your reply and more power to you,

Answer: Thank you for your encouragement. The magnets should actually pull each other, not repell one another.

Try to align the magnet so they attract each other and imagine trying to put your toes in between them. The tricky part is making the second one in opposite polarity of the first one. This can be done simply by making both exactly the same way and rotating the second one 180 degree so they will have opposite polarity.

The wounds that healed were due to severe physical tortures. I was beaten by gang members and there were constant pain and stiffness in joints. They all disappeared when I got the magnetic polarity and placement correctly.

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