How far should I keep the magnets away from my computer?


Posted by Ben on April 12, 19100 at 11:42:20:

Posted by Ben on April 12, 19100 at 01:21:46:

Im a previous message you suggested that you keep magnets
at least 12 inches away from you computer. Does this refer
to the footbraces, neo rings, or all in general? I am wondering
because I actually have a bunk bed with my computer around 15 inches
under it.

Also, what will happen if you stop using the rings after a
substantial period of time? Will you just start to age normally,
or will you start feeling despressed like the after effects of
certain drugs..


Answer: Test the strength of the magnetic field by placing the magnets on your bed and putting a paper clip where the computer is. If you can induce any kind of movement on the paper clip by moving the magnets, I would be careful.

However, I doubt it will because the magnetic field is very sensitive to the distnace, unlike gravity. Besides, the number one thing you should worry about the magnets causing any harm is the HARD DRIVE. Because they store the data as magnetic particle arrangement.

Another easy test to see if the distance of 15 inches is safe or not is to use a Video tape. Get a clean video tape that has clean picture and you don't mind destroying it. Put the magnets 15 inches away from the video tape overnight and play the video tape. If the tape plays normal then you are safe. I think it will.

As far as stopping usage of the rings and footbraces are concerened, I beleive you will start aging normally once you stop using them. There should be no side effects or withdrawl symptom. You can test this if you want. Try not wearing them for about a week and see how you look and feel. You will see what I mean.

Each day you stop using the devices, you age 1 day.

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