Presbyopia - Lazy Eyes and Reading Glass


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You told one person that the magnets would probably not help nearsightedness. What about Presbyopia, the difficulty that many over 40 get and have to get reading glasses? This is a condition caused by aging. I'm 49,and I have been using the foot braces about 2 weeks now, and I feel more even energy physically and emaotionally. I'm waiting for more changes.

Answer: We do have some testimonials stating that their lazy eyes got better. I think you will find out how long it takes for you to notice a difference. Some people get the results in days, while others take weeks or even months. Since you are already experiencing energy level change, I say chances are good that you will soon see some noticeable change in your eye sight.

As far as general vision improvements are concerened, there can be more than one reason why one's sight is getting worse. Some of this is definitely caused by aging but many causes are NOT age related.

So, if the ONLY reason why one's sight got worse is due to AGING then most definitely the devices will help. But if the eye sight got bad because of bad habits or other factors, the rings and footbraces will take LONG time to show noticeable difference.

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