Scholiosis - Will Your Devices Make Me Grow?


Posted by Kevin Smith on April 17, 19100 at 10:38:07:

Posted by Kevin Smith on April 16, 19100 at 18:45:15:

To Alex for some time in fact most of my life I have had a condition known as scholiosis which is curveture of the spine can your device IE rings help or straighten my spine.
I am also only 4ft 2 becaouse of this will it also make me grow

Answer: What caused your problem? Was it aging related or something entirely different? Based on the limited information you shared with us, it's very hard to tell. I recommend you give our products a try though.

As far as general concern of getting taller using our products, chances are you are not going to grow taller unless you got shorter due to aging process.

I mean you will not grow to 7ft tall just because you start wearing the rings and footbraces. However, if your spine is bent DUE TO AGING, you will gain back your original height when you were younger.

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