Scars not disappering


Posted by J Jones on April 17, 19100 at 10:43:39:

Posted by J jones on April 16, 19100 at 18:47:46:

I purchased your eternal life rings & reciveed them last monday I have had them on every night
as a child I had lots of operations which left chest scars yet the ring is not affectinf=g them yet or causing them to fade
why not

Answer: How long you had them on? C'mon! You have to give your body to regenerate new cells around your scar, and that takes TIME!! Be patient and you will see for yourself.

Think of this whole process as watching the grass grow. My suggestion is to not watch the scars EVERYDAY but EVERY WEEK or so. Better yet, take a picture now and then take another picture in a month or two later. You will begin to notice the difference more readily.

You are not morphing here ok? Your body's natural regeneration process is being optimized, so give some time. You will be fine.

Another thing. The speed of recovery has a lot to do with the severety of the scar AND the age of the person. Bottom line: Every body has their own time and speed.

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