Spine Realignment?


Posted by Kevin Smith on April 19, 19100 at 14:03:22:

Posted by KEVIN SMITH on April 18, 19100 at 18:16:26:

I previously asked about my scholiosis it came out during an operation as a child I am at present 25 years old will my spine straighten up

Answer: Hard to tell because your spine problem was NOT caused by natural aging process.

Remember the principle behind the devices. They strengthen the natural force between the cells to heal the scars that are caused by natural and sometimes unnatural process - such as surgery or accident.

So, I recommend you give them a try and see how you feel. We don't have any testimonials about bent spine straithening out! But, you've got nothing to lose by trying and hey, you might be the very first case of this. The rings and footbraces certainly will not harm you, so I encourage you give them a try.

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