How Magnetic Flux Stops Aging. Can It Over-ride DNA Codes?


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How can a magnetic flux circuiting the body by body point pressure
stop senescence(aging) and reset our biological clocks(telemores),like is this magnetic flux going to reset the clock of
I do not understand how can a bloodflow boost stop senescence(aging)..I mean
how does it correct genetic disorders and cancel the senescence(biological clock)
with in the genes(master blue prints)?
And my last question is how is a magnetic flux going to stop the HayFlick Limit
which is 50 cells for the human orgasm? wouldn’t the telemores have to end soon?
I mean the telemores will only go to a certain point and that wont reach 200.
How can this Be?

Thank you

your friend,
Mike C
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Answer: A very technical question here. To make my answer short, let me ask you a question. See if you can answer this.

Can you tell me how matters attract each other with gravitational force? Where does the gravity reside? And most importantly, what sub-particle(s) in atoms are responsible for creating gravity?

If you can clearly explain this to me which I doubt very highly, I maybe able to give you answers to your "HOW" question.

My friend, the question to ask is NOT how, but DOES IT? No one doubts the force and existance of gravity. But I tell you the truth. Even Albert Einstein and his modern day peers like Steven Hawking can't explain HOW gravity works. All they have is some hypothesis and theory.

In my humble opinion the matters of life is 10,000 times more complicated than simple physical fundamental forces such as gravity and electricity.

Sure, bio-medical field is making leaps and bounds advancements, but it will be a long time until they figure out HOW something works. I just hope that they figure out something that WORKS.

Personally, I could careless about HOW as long as I can plainly see that it DOES work.

Another thing to remember is this. Eastern medicine - such as Chinese from which the idea of Chi comes from - cares less about HOW and focuses its effort to find something that WORKS.

A simple case in point. I know for a fact - I've seen with my own eyes time and time again - that cancer is simply curable disease using alternative medicine based on herbs and other methods. I have at least dozen LIVE cases that I've personally witnessed.

What does western medicine say about it? They insist that cancer is incurable, period. That's why even when the cancer is completely cured, oncologists will never say that "C" word but say that "cancer is in remission!" What a joke!

I know one lady who was given less than 3 weeks to live because of advanced stage on her breast cancer by more than 3 seperate oncologists! Her breast was completely covered with dark cancerous tumor, you could see!

Guess what. That was over 5 years ago! If she had stayed with those doctors I know for sure she would be LONG gone. Yes, she's still cancer free.

If you could see what I saw, I know you will easily understand why I do what I do. It's very simple. I know my stuff works, period.

Now, as to explaining HOW it works, that's an entirely another seperate story. I, like any other inventors and/or innovators in history of mankind, have my own theory, and that's really all that is. At least until it is disproven by evidence.

By the way Mike, you know that no theory can be proven, right? A theory can ONLY be disproven by evidence that is clearly contrary to the theory. That's why it's impossible to prove something doesn't exist for example.

I know that someday all will be clear. My only concern - and hopefully EVERYBODY else's concern too - is this. Will I be around to see it for myself?

If you know the truth, the truth will indeed set you free in TIME. Take care of what you hear and see because wrong ideas and informations can kill you litterally. Thanks for your question.

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