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I would just like to say a few things, make some comments and ask some questions maybe.
I bought some of your neodymium rings and foot braces several months ago for my dad, who has tried nearly everything and is a big time skeptic of things like this. He noticed the effects as soon as he put them on and said he was dizzy. For the past few months he has not been able to sleep a single night with the foot braces on because he said he has too much energy and cant sleep. I myself can say that these things realy work. One night back in February I was scheduled for an appointment in Birmingham with my cardiologist the next day, Id have to get up real early for the 400 mile total round trip drive and I needed energy for my long day ahead so I used the rings and the braces that night and the next morning I got up and out of bed just fine, it was like I had just gone to sleep or something! I didnt feel tired or off balance or anything, and I usually have a tough time getting up in the morning. These magnets are amazing! I havent gotten to wear them much though because they dont belong to me. Ive posted here before with some questions before I bought them and I was wondering, my vision is less than perfect, would wearing them correct my eyesight? I encourage everyone to at least try them out, because its not like they can hurt you, like experimental drugs, by the way my grandpa has prostate cancer, has been in and out of the hospital and taken all kinds of drugs for years, and was recently given an experimental drug that sent his heart into palpatations and he spent 4 weeks in the hospital recovering from the shock, the same thing happened to a friend of mine whose only in his 30s. The results from these magnets can only be positive, they dont come with dangerous warnings on them, youre not putting some chemical in your body either. More people should know about this, go global Alex! The fact is, your body can heal itself of any ailment as I have learned from the major alternative medicine practicioners (whom I stand behind as well). I believe that these magnets or something similar to them is the way to the future, and that all healing will come from inside your own body. Even IF these particular inventions dont necessarily make someone immortal I believe you have the fundamentals right. I love your website as well, and how you do most if not all of the writing, its very personal. It all makes it more real if you know what I mean and less like some money grabbing scam when you do it yourself and youre very upfront about things. Advertise them man! let people know about them, it would be wonderful if nobody ever had to die, gosh just thinking about it, being with your friends and family, the people you grow up with for hundreds of years and always staying young. Most people honestly dread the thought of being 80 years old and having everyone they knew when they were younger be long gone. I for one thing wouldnt want to live till the end of the world or coming of Christ or whatever and watch everyone I know die, thats why I hope more people learn about this. Make bumper stickers or something that says "". bumper stickers because theyre cheap and really..who doesnt notice them when youre stuck in traffic? Id buy one. what hope...looking 20 and being 400...eventually being able to revive the recently deceased with strong magnets.... Another thing I was wondering besides my eyesight was your grandmother. I saw you on the Daily Show last year (by the way its a comedy/news show...they were poking fun at you) and your grandmother (?) was on it and she said she wore them all the time, so how is she doing? Unfortunately with your foot braces one size does not fit all, and theyre not very comfortable either, as I have had to manipulate them to make them fit and stay on without too much discomfort. The 3rd and final question I have is magnet intensity, I know in a reply to a post you once said that neodymium foot braces would be extremely expensive and far too powerful. Can magnets be too strong and actually hurt you even if theyre worn properly? To finish up this long post, I have a little theory about why the foot braces cover all the toes and the rings only the last fingers, but I will include it in a different post.

Answer: I really appreciate receiving posts and/or e-mails like this. It really makes my day. Before I answer your questions, let me point out that your father could wear the rings and footbraces when he is awake too. He should get sleep. So if they pump too much energy into his system and thus he can't sleep with them on, tell him to wear them while he is mediatating and/or watching TV as well. So if he can wear them extra 5 or 6 hours when he is awake, he only needs to wear them in best 3 to 2 hours.

I recommend 8 hours minimum wearing per day, but they don't have to be all at the same time. Wear them as much as you can without disturbing natural sleeping pattern.

Again, since every body is different, you should try what works for you.

Now for answers.

1) Eye sights - Sorry, we have NO testimonials so far about the eye sight improvement. (The other major area of absence of improvement being teeth regrowth!) That's why we are currently working on the phase 2 of Immortality Device which uses AC and more active cell alignment technique. I believe this second phase machine can and will cure handicaps like vision and hearing problem. Keep your mouse pointed on this site for future updates.

2)My Grandma is doing fine. As matter of fact her hair is almost completely black now. Her skin looks tighter and she seems to be in much more content mood. Happier! It's awesome to notice psychological change with the devices AS WELL AS the physiological change. Out look on life becomes more postive and you become much calmer person!

3) We are right now working on Neodymium footbraces as matter of fact. The reason why I was cautious with Neodymium footbraces before was because of the size of the magnets. We couldn't locate right size magnets before. But we have found the perfect size - one that's smaller than our regular footbraces magnets. This makes the Neodymium footbraces only 30% size and weight of our regular footbraces yet they are still 7 times stronger! The fact is, you can't really have too strong a magnets. However, for practical purpose, and safety issues that have NOTHING to do with human physiology, I was being conservative before. The type of danger I'm thinking about is something like wiping out your computer hard-drive with misplacement of these powerful magnets, and so on.

We are working on advertisements too, but I believe that the best type of advertisements are the ones like you give. Real personal testimonials. I know they are slow, but they are for REAL.

I beleive that within next 2 to 3 years EVERYBODY will know about my invention. It's my sincere desire that everybody at least TRY them for themselves before they make up their minds. That way, at least they will have a chance.

Thank you again for your kind post and please stay in touch.

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