Theory on Footbraces and Rings - Why They Are Different


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Posted by Jonathan on April 22, 19100 at 00:49:02:

As I said, heres my theory on why the foot braces work with all the toes covered and the rings with only the last finger...
Could it be that the feet are like closer to the earth, and are in direct contact with it being that you walk on them? I know about chi and the fingers and hands and the outflowing energies and all that stuff Ive read about in books, well your pinky is the last finger and it could be closer to the earth, with its position. See you have 2 feet with 10 toes that almost always touch the ground. You have 2 hands and 10 fingers which you use in everything you do, theyre your link to the world around you. Your feet are in contact with the earth and your hands are in contact with everything else. so lets say your hands are set 1, and feet are set 2. your fingers going from thumb to pinky go 12345, and in set 2, going from big toe to little toe 12345 and they all touch the ground. number 5 in set 1 is the closest to 1 in set 2 which are all in direct contact with the magnetic field of the earth. You yourself along with other people say that the foot braces work best and rings on the last fingers have the only noticeable difference. Were all bound by the laws of gravity and to defy them or break them takes tremendous energy against the magnetic pull of this giant sphere, all of the energy to resist it must be pushed against it. Since when you walk your feet push against the ground, constantly exerting your energy downward towards the earth, coincidentally that could be the place that would benefit most from magnets. I dont know these are all just my guesses but Im sure it all comes together with the flow of energies somehow. Your feet take so much stress and shock that could also have something to do with it.

Answer: Great theory. But let me tell you a story about one wise guy from far and long time ago. He was shot by a poison arrow from his enemy. Fearing his life he went to see a doctor immediately. When the man got to doctor, doctor didn't pull out the poisonous arrow, instead he began to ask questions. "Before I pull out the arrow, I must know everything about the arrow and how it ended up in your shoulder!" "I need to know what kind of wood the arrow body is made from. . . Is it made out of hard wood or light wood?" "Is the feather from a small bird or a large bird? What's the tip of the arrow made off of? Steel or copper, maybe something else?"

Needless to say, the patient died because the poison soon spread to his entire body.

Of course know one will really act this way, but many do something similar when it comes to other life and death situation that moves s-l-o-w-e-r such as aging.

You see, I'm an inventor and not a research scientist! The proper question to ask for me is NOT "HOW" does it work, because all that is just academic but DOES IT WORK?

I get a lot of question like this and the best thing I can tell you is just like what you can do - a theory!

I believe that EVERYONE is given rights to hold their own opinion on everything - including my invention. But unfortunately, this belief of idea on HOW things work really do not save people's lives. What saves people from the agony and pain of aging and death is whether something WORKS or NOT!

I really appreciate your idea and theory and I'm sure someday - with millions and millions of research funding - we will know HOW things work. I'm just hoping that MORE people will be there to see the findings.

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