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This is a response to Mike C., who mentioned the famous "Hayflick Limit" that says a cell can only divide 50 times. Think about it Mike, the same doctors who promote this tell us that the cells of the tounge are new every 3 days, and the cells of the villi are new every four days. Based on the Hayflick Limit, we would all be dead by age 3! Question authority, and as Alex says, look for results.
Michael Alexander

Answer: Thanks Michael A. Personally, I don't really care what the doctors SAY or what their patients say. . . I'm much more interested in what they DO for themselves.

Isn't it interesting to see that most doctors are NOT living any healthier and/or LONGER than their patients?

Hmmm... Something to think about - long and hard - before you trust what they SAY with your own life and not to metion your life savings!

I believe everyone's opinion and belief should be RESPECTED and HONORED, but never WORSHIPED! Yes, that includes even my own invention! That's why I encourage EVERYONE to test them for themselves! I do NOT ask for any biased prenotion or favortism on my invention.

The product should WORK (Or NOT work) based on the merit of the products ONLY not on some belief!

But it's always refreshing to see more people looking for what really matters - the result - and NOT some fancy theory!

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