I'm 15! Wondering About Magnets


Posted by Danny W. on April 24, 19100 at 08:17:47:

Posted by Danny W on April 23, 19100 at 23:20:15:

Hiya alex! I was at first skeptical with your little contraptions, then I got some surplus hard drive magnets and thought "hey! I'll tape these to my fingers tonight. See what happens." Well I did and felt more energetic than just about ever (which isn't saying much, I'm 15). Anyhoo, I have some 1.5 and 1 inch diameter neodymium magnets left over from science fair projects and was wondering if the bigger magnets, since they overlap fingers, would have a different effect (I.e. more powerful [they will be because they're stronger, but because of the ring finger having the magnet over it], less powerful, or whatever). Thanks in advance! You da man!

Answer: My advice for you is this. Test. Test. Test.

Keep accurate journal of what you do and test different combinations such as large magnets vs. small magnets etc. Good luck.

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